Pool Table Room Size Tips
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Pool Table Room Dimensions!

Room Size is one of the most important things to consider when thinking about what size pool table to buy and where to put your pool table.

Here are some general rules.
  1. See chart below. Add 9'6" to your playing surface dimension to see what the maximum size pool table you can place into a room where you can use a full length 58" cue. Subtract the difference for other cue sizes 52", 48", 42" and 36".


Table Size
playing surface)

Cue Length





7' (39" x 78")

10'9" x 14'

11'9" x 15'

12'5" x 15'8"

13'4" x 16'7"

8' (44" x 88")

11'2" x 14'10"

12'2" x 15'10"

12'10" x 16'6"

13'9" x 17'5"

8'pro (46x92)

11'4" x 15'2"

12'4" x 16'2"

13' x 16'10"

13’11" x 17'9"

9' (50" x 100")

11'8" x 15'10"

12'8" x 16'10"

13'4" x 17'6"

14'3" x 18'5"










  1. Furniture placement. If you choose to have a pool table in a room, consider the space that you will need to walk around and play the pool table. Many people try to keep couches and smaller table(s) in the room. If you were to sit on a couch, you will not be able see the play, plus if a ball fly's off the table, cover your face. A better furniture option is bar stool(s) and/or bar table(s). This way you are up high and can see the action. 
  2. Light placement. Many people make the mistake of putting up a light without consulting a pool table professional. When the light is installed, it is too close to the wall, forcing you to use a short cue or move the light. Ask before you install if you are unsure. 
  3. Some people purchase a ping pong top to put over the pool table as a second game. This is great fun and is even more enjoyable when you have the room to play. Add 6' to both ends to give you enough room to play. Also, the light should be high enough up so that it does not get in the way.
If you have any other questions that need to be answered just click and ask. http://www.pooltableguys.ws/questionform