Pool Table Helpful Hints
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Helpfu hints
Home care:
  • Never move your pool table. Call a professional to move it.
  • Keep your pool table covered when not in use.
  • Clean the bed cloth with a pool table brush. You can use a sticky tape lint roller, or vacuum with a hardwood floor attachment. Never use a powerhead.
  • Clean the wood with a soft damp cloth. If you use a wood cleaner, apply it to the soft cloth away from the table, then clean.
  • Keep all liquids away from the table.
  • Clean the balls with a soft cloth or recommended Pool Ball cleaner. If you use your household cleaners, you could remove the ball finish.
  • Never use a pool cue that has no tip. You could rip the bed cloth.

Buying hints:

  • Cloth wear. In most cases the cloth will need to be replaced. Be prepared for this expense.
  • Rubber rails - in some instances, the rubber rails will need to be replaced. It can be difficult to tell sometimes if you do not know what you are looking for. Take a ball and bounce it against the rail to see what kind of bounce you get.
  • If the table is taken apart, the slate could warp if the slate is laying flat on the ground. The proper way to store slate is up against the wall, with the short edge on the ground.
  • Buy 3 piece slate only. They are easier to move, plus you get a better level job across the complete surface.
  • The rails should be attached with bolts, not screws. Screws will loosen over time and affect the ball bounce on the rails.
  • Research other tables of the same look to get a fair price.
  • Boston pockets are bigger and make playing enjoyable. If you choose a Snooker (smaller opening in the pocket) pocket, it will be more difficult to sink the ball.
  • When in doubt contact a professional.
Selling hints:
  •  Be honest about your table.
  • Clean your table if you want to get top dollar. 
  • Have all the accessories displayed.
  • Research other tables to ask for a fair price 


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Good luck and have fun!